Best Places to Sell Junk Stuffs in Witcher 3

Best Places to Sell Junk Stuffs in Witcher 3: The new Next Gen update for Witcher 3 came out not too long ago. In this update, you’ll find a bunch of new quests you can do to get a lot of rewards. So, make sure your inventory has enough space for new items and crafting materials.

But don’t throw away things that you don’t need. You never know how many crowns you can get for them. Having said that, it can be hard to find the right merchant. Not every buyer will give you the right price, and some will even say no.

Don’t worry, though, because we’re here to help. In this guide, we list the best places in Witcher 3 to sell your old stuff.

Best Places to Sell Junk Stuffs in Witcher 3

Here is a list of all the best places and shops in Witcher 3 to sell your old stuff. For those who don’t know, you can get a good amount of bonus money if you sell certain goods to traders who already sell those kinds of goods.

Weapons & Upgrades

You can always go to Hattori, a Master Blacksmith, to sell your old weapons and upgrades. He is in Novigrad City, near the Port side gate to the north. Before you go to Hattori, make sure you’ve finished his level 24 side quest and unlocked him.


The armour can be sold to a Journeyman armourer in Hierarch Square in the city of Novigrad. He’s not that rich, but the bonus you’ll get for selling to him will surely cover the loss.

Food & Drink

Just go to the Kingfisher Inn in Novigrad to sell your food and drink items. There, you’ll find an innkeeper who, for a good price, will take all the food off your hands.

Items for Alchemy

A Herbalist is the best person to sell alchemy items to because they will always give a good price. You can find him at Hierarch Square in Novigrad, the city.

Books & Documents

If you have a lot of books and papers that you don’t want, you can sell them to MarcusT.K. Hodgson. He is the owner of a Bookstore in the city of Novigrad.

These are the best places in Witcher 3 to easily sell your junk items. But before you sell things you don’t want, make sure you know how much you will get for taking them apart. If you choose to take something apart, you can get a lot of useful crafting materials.