How To Do Blue Search Comment On TikTok?

How To Do The Blue Search Comment On Tiktok: People who are new to TikTok and want more credibility and authenticity have been wondering How To Do The Blue Search Comment On Tiktok. Well! What you want is what we have. Read what’s below if you want to know how to do the blue search comment on Tiktok.

How To Do Blue Search Comment On TikTok?

First, figure out what your video is about (e.g., Arnold).

After you’ve found the keyword(s) of your video, you need to say so in your comment (e.g., Arnold or Dwayne Johnson)

Then, if your comment is about the video, TikTok will use an algorithm to turn it into a blue search comment. You can’t choose the search comments yourself, though, because they are chosen by an algorithm.

To add a search to a comment:

Find the video’s keyword(s), hashtags, comment section, and caption by looking at the video itself.

Then put the video’s keyword(s) in your comment.

If you use this method, you’re very likely to get a blue search comment. Since it is based on a set of rules, it doesn’t always work. The algorithm only decides which comments to link and which not to link.

Most of the time, to get the blue search comment.

Check your comment section for blue search comments that are already there.

Copy the words in blue and put them in yours

For example, if “Michael Jackson” is already a blue search comment in the comments section, adding it to your own comment will make it a blue search comment of all time.

Popular videos on the “For You” page tend to work better now that there is more data.

TikTok will be better able to figure out which keywords in your comment are related to the video. The specific keywords will be linked to your search results, and users will be able to click on it to go to the search result page.

TikTok will only have a hard time if it’s a new video and they check to see if the keywords in your comment are related to the video. Because there aren’t many chances that the keyword(s) in your comment will become a link.

Use the method on a popular video on the “For You” page if you don’t want to use your own or someone else’s videos.

What Is The Blue Search Comment ?

Good news for people who use Tik Tok: a new feature called “Blue Search Comment” has arrived to help your friends and family enjoy your videos. This feature links to the right page. With this feature, you can link your comment to a search. These linked comments are in blue and have a search icon next to them.

When you click on a blue search comment, it’s easy to get to the search results based on the reference. For example, if you choose “Violin,” you’ll be taken to the search results for “Violin.” This is part of TikTok’s plan to compete with Google Search. Not all comment sections have blue search comments, though, because not all comments are about the video. Only if the comment has something to do with the video will it be turned into a blue search comment.