How to Get Feather Cape in Valheim

How to Get Feather Cape in Valheim: Mistlands, the latest update for Valheim, is finally here, and it adds a tonne of new stuff. The huge map of this game is full of new mobs, dungeons, NPCs, magic, and much more.

In this game, the land is made up of forests, hills, and cliffs. So climbing the highest peaks will give you a better view of what’s around you. But doing that makes it possible for you to fall and die.

In this new update, however, a feather cape is added as a new item that can be worn. This item protects you from all fall damage, making it a great thing to have. This article will tell you how to get the Feather Cape in Valheim.

How to Get Feather Cape in Valheim

You will need a new crafting table now that magic is in the game. The Galdr Table is an advanced workbench used to make and improve magic weapons. Also, you’ll need it to make the Cape. When you have this table, you can move on to getting the materials you need to make this cape. In Valheim, all you have to do to get the Feather Cape is gather the following items.

  1. 10 Feathers
  2. Scale Hide 5x

There are a lot of polished Eitr feathers in Valheim. To get them, you have to kill Gulls and Crows. You can also find them in chests in the Meadows and the Black Forest.

You can also get them from Beech and Fir trees by cutting them down. In this game, killing Hares gives you Scale Hides. They are easy to kill, but they can get away, so if you want to hunt them, make sure you have a long-range weapon.

Also, you can only find them in the Mistlands, which is a dangerous biome to explore. It’s not easy to get the last ingredient. First, you need an Eitr Refinery, which is itself a long process. Then, to make Refined Eitr, you will need Sap and Soft Tissue. Once you have all the parts, you can use the Galdr Table to make the Feathered Cape.