How To Get Winter Wildcard Tokens FIFA 23?

How To Get Winter Wildcard Tokens FIFA 23: It’s time, you don’t have to wait, and the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard Tokens are now out. Some of you may be wondering how to get Winter Wildcard Tokens in FIFA 23. You could read this article to find out how to get Winter Wildcard Tokens in FIFA 23.

How To Get Winter Wildcard Tokens FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 Winter Wildcard

Winter Wildcards is a promotion that took the place of FUT Freeze in FIFA 22. It has a winter theme. It was a replacement for the popular FUTmas promotion in FIFA 21. Even though the promotion doesn’t come out for a few more days, some of the Winter Wildcards players have been leaked online by the trustworthy FUT leaker @FutSheriff. Team 1 or Team 2 will have these players. They could also be released as an SBC, an Objective, or a mini-release. It means that they might not be on the squad when it is released on December 23 at 6 p.m. GMT, 1 p.m. ET, and 10 a.m. PT.

How To Get Winter Wildcard Tokens FIFA 23?

There are a lot of questions about when FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards will be out. Now, we know the answers to these questions. You might be glad to hear that all of the rewards for the FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Tokens have been announced. But make sure you trade in your chips before the end of the campaign on January 6, 2023.

How to Get Wildcard Swaps in the Winter?

Before the Winter Wildcards event, you can get tokens from SBCs, Objectives, and the FUT store. EA plans to give out 25 tokens over the course of the event, with the best prize costing 15 tokens. This gives players a good chance of getting enough tokens to win the best prize. The rewards can be traded in at the SBCs’ Swaps section.

Token Tracker Gets a Winter Wildcard Swap

EA has already given FIFA 23 Ultimate Team four tokens, which are easy to ask for. The first token will be given to you when you log into the game. You can earn more tokens by doing SBCs and Objectives.
Token 1: Go to your FUT account and sign in (expires 6th January)
Token 2: Complete the SBC “FIFA World Cup TOTT Challenge 1” (expires 26th December)
Token 3: Finish “Win 1” in “First Owner Fiesta Objective” (expires 27th December)
Token 4: Reach the goal for Silver Stars (expires 28th December)
There will be a large number of tokens until January 6, 2023. Each will have a date by which players will have to finish it. During the Winter Wildcards event, here is a list of the rewards that can be asked for: