How to Tell if a Pokemon is Shiny in Scarlet and Violet

How to Tell if a Pokemon is Shiny in Scarlet and Violet : In Scarlet and Violet, you’ll meet Pokemon from the ninth generation as well as some old favourites. The whole point is to catch them all and fill up your Pokedex.

But you can also catch Shiny Pokemon, which are different from the regular ones. If you have been training for a long time, you should know about Shiny hunting. People want these because they are rare and look nice. But how do you know which one is which?

This article will show you how to tell if a Pokemon in Scarlet or Violet is Shiny.

How to Tell if a Pokemon is Shiny in Scarlet and Violet

Shinies are rare in this game, so it can be hard to tell what they are. The colour of a Pokemon is the best way to tell if it is Shiny in Scarlet and Violet. If the colour is different from the usual one, you have seen this variant. Some of them are easy to see from far away, while others are more difficult to spot. Unlike in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, if this variant is nearby, you won’t hear a sound.

So you’ll have to fight with them. There, you can see the difference in colour better. Some of them have very different body colours, while others can be told apart by a small difference. For example, a normal Lechonk is black, while its variant is pink. Armarogue, on the other hand, looks the same except for the colour of its eyes. The normal one has orange eyes, and the other one has blue eyes.

Another way is to look for a flashing animation before the battle starts. As we’ve already said, they are rare, and you only have a 1 in 4096 chance of meeting one. But the Picnic mechanic lets you make Sandwiches with Meal Powers to improve your odds. Shiny Charms can also be used, but you won’t find them until late in the game.