iPhone Says Voicemail Is Full But It Is Not Full: Solved

iPhone Says Voicemail Is Full But It Is Not Full: Several people are having trouble with their voicemails. It looks like the iPhone shows a warning message that says voicemail is 95% or 100% full, even if there are no voicemails or only a few.

Do you also get notifications that your voicemail is full, and deleting messages doesn’t help? Then you should read this.

Please try each of the following steps until your problem is fixed:

iPhone Says Voicemail Is Full But It Is Not Full

Make sure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS before you do anything else.

Please make sure you deleted all of your voicemails. This is because when you delete a message, it disappears from the visual voicemail list, making it look like it’s been deleted, but it hasn’t been.

Go to Phone > Voicemail > Deleted Messages (at the bottom of the screen) > Clear All to get rid of them for good. And then check to see if you are still getting these warning messages. Make sure your wireless signal is strong enough for your voicemail services to work before you delete messages.

Turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone (Settings > Airplane Mode) and then delete the voicemails if you’re still having this problem. Tap “Deleted Messages,” then “Clear All.” Now, turn off the “Airplane Mode” button.

Tap Settings > Phone > Change Voicemail Password on your iPhone to change your password. Then, call Voicemail (*86 for Verizon, for example), but don’t enter your password. Instead, just hang up before entering your password. Now, check to see if the problem is fixed. Please keep in mind that if you forget this password on your iPhone, there is no way to reset it. If you forget, call your cell phone company.

This bug might be fixed in an update from the carrier. Settings > General > About will show you a message if there is an update. If you don’t see the message about the update, move on to the next step.

Reset network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset and then tap Reset Network Settings on your phone. Please keep in mind that this will delete your network settings, such as your Wi-Fi settings, passwords, etc.

If you turned on Call Forwarding on your iPhone, turn it off and on again. Go to Phone > Settings > Call Forwarding.

If none of the above help, you might want to call your cell phone company (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.), since they are in charge of voicemails. They are kept on the server of the provider. If you are still having this problem, they will have to fix it.