Ticketmaster There Was An Unexpected Error While Processing Your Request

Some people have said that they can’t sign in to the Ticketmaster app or website on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You won’t be able to manage your Ticketmaster account if you can’t log in.

There are many things that could stop you from getting into your account. It could be a problem with the password or with the network. It could also be a way for Ticketmaster to keep people safe. Depending on the problem, you might get different error messages if you have this problem. For instance:

As I said above, this problem can happen when you use a browser (like Safari or Chrome) or the Ticketmaster app to try to log in. You can do the following:

Unable to Sign into Ticketmaster Solutions

Make sure that both your username and your password are right. If you keep getting error messages that say you don’t have the right credentials, you may need to change your password. If you need to change your password, go to the login page and click on “Forgot Password.” You can choose this option whether you’re using the app or the web version.

Make sure your device has the most recent version of iOS, iPadOS, or macOS by going to Settings > General > Software Update or System Settings > General > Software Update on your device.

If you use the Ticketmaster app on your iPhone or iPad, make sure you have the most recent version. By going to the App Store, you can update the app yourself.

Make sure that your iPhone, iPad, or Mac has a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to the Internet. You can check your connection with ease. Just open Safari on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac that is having this problem and go to macreports.com.

Are you able to see our website without any problems? If you say yes, move on to the next step. If the answer is no, check your Internet connection for problems. If any of the following work, you can try them:

Turn on Airplane Mode, and then turn it off.
Start up your modem/router for Wi-Fi.
Restart your device.

If you are still having trouble connecting, we have written a number of articles about the subject. You can also look at these:

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VPN could be the cause of this problem. Even though you may have an active connection, if you are using VPN, your connection may be causing problems that make Ticketmaster think you are a machine instead of a real person.

So, Ticketmaster might stop you from connecting. The good news is that the fix is easy. Turn off VPN to see if that changes anything. You should be aware that some VPNs may turn themselves back on if you turn them off in the app. Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management and make sure that VPN is turned off on your iPhone or iPad. On a Mac, you can find the same settings under System Settings > VPN.

Make sure JavaScript is turned on. Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced and turn on JavaScript if you are using Safari. On a Mac, go to Safari > Settings > Security and check the “Enable JavaScript” box to find this setting.

If you use the Ticketmaster app, you should delete it and then reinstall it.
Try using a different device to sign in to Ticketmaster. For example, if you can’t log in on your iPhone, try to log in on your Mac.

Try another way to sign in on the same device if this doesn’t work. For example, if you are using Safari, use Chrome, and if you are using the app, use the web. See the next step if you still can’t log in.

If the problem keeps happening, you should contact Ticketmaster support. Your account can have problems. For instance, your account could be closed. Ticketmaster is the only one who can tell if your account is good or not.