Top 3 Best Materia in Crisis Core: FF7 – Reunion

Top 3 Best Materia in Crisis Core: FF7 – Reunion : In Final Fantasy 7: Reunion, having the best Materia in your inventory can give you a big advantage when fighting bosses. Square Enix has now remastered Crisis Core: FF7- Reunion, a game that was once only for the PSP.

The game can now be played on the most up-to-date consoles. Since many people have never played the game, it can be hard to know which Materia to choose.

This guide will show you the best Materia in Crisis Core: Reunion and how to get them.

Top 3 Best Materia in Crisis Core: FF7 – Reunion


The first attack spell on our list is also one of the best in Final Fantasy 7. As the name suggests, when Zack uses the spell, the ground moves under his feet. In the process, any enemy in its range takes a lot of damage. Remember that you can’t use this on enemies with the ability to fly.

Quake can be bought from the Wutai Secret Shop for 18,000 Gil. You can also try to get it from an enemy in the game called Grand Horn. If you want to buy it but don’t have enough Gil, check out our guide on how to make more Gil in Crisis Core.

Pricey Punch

The Costly Punch is a Command Materia ability that lets you do a lot of damage to your opponents. But in exchange, Zack will lose some of his total HP. People know that the spell does the most damage possible in the shortest amount of time. The best part is that it can break through both Barrier and MBarrier, but it costs Zack’s HP to do so. When you finish at least 55% of the main story in Crisis Core, you can unlock Costly Punch.


Flare, which is last on our list, is a Magic Materia. It gives you the power to make a blinding white light that hurts your enemies right away. It’s a good offensive spell, but since it costs 77 MP to cast, many players might think twice before using it. The Flare Materia can be unlocked by completing the following missions:

  1. M3-4-4
  2. M5-4-3
  3. M8-6-4
  4. M9-3-6