What Happened to the Nike Tech Kid? Did Infamous Nike Tech Kid Commits Suicide?

Is Nike Tech Kid Dead? Where Did the Nike Tech Kid Go? Well, these questions came up when rumours spread that Nike Tech Kid had died. Let’s read this article to learn more about the Nike Tech Kid Death Hoax.

Did Infamous Nike Tech Kid Commits Suicide?

Is Nike Tech Kid Dead?

There are rumours online that Nike Tech Kid has died. Some false sources are also saying that nike tech kid has died, which is not true at all.

Hitc says that the rumours about Nike Tech Kid spread on TikTok, which is the most popular social media site.

The report says that Nike tech kid killed himself, and the description reads: “At 20:34, the famous “Nike Tech kid” died by suicide. Investigators found that this was because his parents had a violent divorce, which fit the situation.

Where Did the Nike Tech Kid Go?

People started looking for the Nike Tech Kid when they heard rumours about what happened to it.

hitc says that the rumours that the Nike Tech Kid is dead are just that: rumours that are being spread online.

This kind of rumour will really hurt the person being talked about.

So, people who want to find out something should first find out how reliable the source is and then look for the information in other places.

Did the well-known Nike Tech Kid kill himself

The Nike Tech Kid who became a meme is still alive. There are many searches like “Is Nike Tech Kid Dead?” and “Did Famous Nike Tech Kid Commit Suicide?” that we could see online.

But this news that is going around online is completely false. Fake news hurts the person who hears it, so people should stop spreading it.

People, before you share any information, please make sure you can trust it.