What is the range of an Apple AirTag?

What is the range of an Apple AirTag? If you have an AirTag or are thinking about getting one, you might be wondering how far it can go before you can’t track it anymore. In other words, how far can an AirTag travel?

To answer this question, we must first explain what we mean by “range,” and then give you the best estimates for that range.

How do Apple AirTags work?

AirTags don’t only work with one way of communicating. An AirTag can let you know where it is in a few different ways. An AirTag can talk to nearby Apple devices through Bluetooth, whether they are yours or someone else’s. AirTags are better than other tracking devices like Tile because they can share their location with nearby Apple devices that are on the Find My network.

Apple AirTags also have a feature called “Precision Finding,” which uses Ultra Wideband to help you find an AirTag that is close by. The Ultra Wideband chip is in the iPhone 11 and later models, but not in the SE. It is usually used to get a better sense of space and helps figure out exactly where nearby devices are.

What is the range of an Apple AirTag?

The range of an Apple AirTag is the distance from the AirTag to the nearest Apple device on the Find My network. This is set by the range of Bluetooth, which is thought to be Bluetooth 5.0 in the AirTag and is thought to be between 300 and 800 feet.

Once the AirTag you are tracking is out of your iPhone’s Bluetooth range, it doesn’t matter how far away you are from it. Only how far the AirTag is from another device on the Find My network is important.

For example, we sent an AirTag from Illinois, USA, to Istanbul, Turkey, and we were able to track it all the way from Illinois to the airport in Illinois, then to the airport in France, and finally to Istanbul.

This means that if your AirTag is near another Apple device, it should be easy to find. It might not be very useful if you live on a farm or in the country. You should be able to find your AirTag if you live in a city.

You can put an AirTag-enabled item in Lost Mode if you lose it. This will let you find it and send a message to the person who finds it. The message will have a phone number or email address so they can get in touch with you and hopefully help you get your item back.