Where Was Strike Season 5 Filmed? Exact Locations

Where Was Strike Season 5 Filmed? Strike, a British crime drama, is back with a brand new mystery. Season 5, also known as Troubled Blood, continues to follow the private detective and his friend as they investigate a cold case of a missing woman. The story is so interesting that people want to know more, like where it was filmed.

Based on the same-named book series written by J.K. Rowling under the pen name Robert Galbraith, the TV show is very similar to the books.

Since its first episode in 2017, the BBC mystery drama has shocked viewers with its violent plots. Strike, also known as C.B. Strike, has shown a lot of complicated and interesting cases in the past five years.

Where Was Strike Season 5 Filmed? Exact Locations

Cornwall, in the south of England, is the setting for the fifth season of the show. Here is where most of the shooting took place.

In the last series, it was shown that the main character spent a lot of his childhood in Cornwall, so going back there is not a coincidence.


A lot of season 5 of Strike was shot on location. Some scenes were shot in the town of Falmouth, which is on the coast. Cornwall.

In the fifth season, there is a pub called the Victory Inn. The real pub that was used for filming is in Falmouth, in a small fishing village called St. Mawes, which is at the end of the Roseland Peninsula.


The movie was also shot in Skegness, which is in the English county of Lincolnshire. Lincolnshire Live said that the movie was shot in February 2022.

Crews were seen on the streets of the town and set up in front of the North Parade Hotel and Skegness Station.

Fans of the books won’t be surprised by this, since Skegness and other places are mentioned in the books.