Who Is Arun Sagar Daughter?

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Who Is Arun Sagar Daughter?

What Did Arun Sagar’s Daughter Do?

It was a very emotional time for Arun Sagar, who was one of the older contestants. When Bigg Boss told the multitalented artist that his daughter Adithi Sagar had hurt herself in a fall, he broke down in tears.

Arun Sagar, who is known for making the Bigg Boss house a lot of fun, just found out something shocking. The news was about his lovely daughter and singer, Adithi. Bigg Boss called Arun to the confessional in the most recent episode to tell him what was going on.

Bigg Boss told Arun that he didn’t need to worry too much, and he also said that Arun’s daughter was at the hospital getting care for her injury.

But Bigg Boss also told Arun Sagar that his daughter is getting a small surgery because she fell and hurt her “cheeks.”

When Arun Sagar found out that his daughter was sick, he had a major breakdown. The older contestant asked Bigg Boss to set up a visit with his daughter.

He said that being by his daughter’s side will help her feel better during this hard time. He even said he wanted to go straight to see his daughter.

Who is the daughter of Arun Sagar?

The Indian singer Aditi Sagar works in the Kannada film industry. Her songs, like “Dum Maro Dum” from Raambo 2 (2018), “The Bengaluru Song” from French Biriyani (2020), and “The Monster Song” from K.G.F: Chapter 2, became popular soon after they came out (2022).

Arun Sagar Daughter Age

Aditi Sagar, Arun Sagar’s daughter, was born on July 15, 2004. She is 18 years old now. Aditi Sagar made her musical debut in 2018 with Raambo 2. She was only 14 years old at the time. After a producer named Tarun Sudhir saw how talented and skilled Aditi Sagar was, she was given a chance to be in that movie. In the 2019 movie Kavaludaari, Aditi Sagar sang the song “Samshaya.”

Arun Sagar Daughter Accident

Arun Sagar, a senior contestant with many talents, broke down when Bigg Boss told him that his daughter Aditi Sagar had fallen and hurt herself. He ran to the hospital. Arun Sagar is known for making the Bigg Boss house a lot of fun. In the most recent episode, Bigg Boss told Arun what was going on by calling him to the confessional.