Who Plays Sarah Platt On Coronation Street?

Who Plays Sarah Platt On Coronation Street? People are looking for information about Who Plays Sarah Platt On Coronation Street. Sarah Platt and other characters on Coronation Street have been played by different people. If you want to know Who Plays Sarah Platt on the Coronation Street series, you can read the article below.

Who Plays Sarah Platt On Coronation Street?

In the English soap opera Coronation Street, Sarah Platt is a main character. People have played different roles in the past. So people might not know who is playing Sarah Platt on Coronation Street. So here you go! So, according to express.co.uk, On Coronation Street, Tina O’Brien plays Sarah Platt.

How old is Coronation Street’s Sarah Platt?

Sarah Platt is the most popular character on Coronation Street. As was said above, Cloud has been played by many different people. People look for “How old is Sarah Platt on Coronation Street,” but they can’t find any information about her. Stay in touch to get the latest news.

Coroner’s Court

Since December 9, 1960, ITV has been showing the English soap opera Coronation Street. Granada Television came up with it. The story centres on a cobblestone, terraced street in Weatherfield, a made-up town based on Salford’s city centre.

The show was originally on twice a week, but in 2017 it started airing six times a week. Tony Warren wrote the script for the show. The station’s founder, Sidney Bernstein, turned down Warren’s first idea, but producer Harry Elton persuaded him to make 13 pilot episodes. Since then, the show has become an important part of English culture.